"Brandy Sinoto is a "tested" leader who has gone through the ups and downs of network marketing. The impressive thing about Brandy is that she’s been able to adapt and make the important changes to stay on top. Not many leaders are willing to change but Brandy is a constant learner and applies what she teaches to her teams."
Simon Chan, Founder of PODCAST "MLM Nation" and Industry Trainer



"Brandy is driven to succeed and anyone who hitches their wagon to her movement will be set up for success. She's innovative and intuitive and walks the walk that she talks. She works in her team, gets to know her social marketers and knows how to meet them where they are at, which is a trait of a true leader. She's an empowered business woman and its obvious that her goal is to support, groom and empower others to do the same!"John Melton, My Lifestyle Academy, Network Marketing Top Earner 



“Brandy Sinoto is a leader of leaders!! She walks the talk, leads by example and makes things happen! Not only does she teach and train with very duplicable systems in place, she empowers the people she works with to become their own leader. Anyone to lock arms with this lady, is truly blessed!”
Michelle Barnes, Network Marketing Leader and Success Coach



“"Brandy is one of the most empowering women in the entire industry of network marketing. She knows how to push you in a way that is uplifting and not overbearing. She has a unique ability in helping you get the most out of your abilities. She is one of those dynamic leaders who always makes you feel like you can go conquer the world."”
Rob Sperry, Author of The Game of Networking, Top Industry speaker/consultant



“Brandy Sinoto is unique combination of passion, fire, love, drive and humility. She leads from the front with an Aloha spirit. She pours into people with tactical training, fun, care and concern. I love Brandy's unique leadership style.”
Justin Prince, Network Marketing Leader and Success Trainer


“I have admired Brandy from across the profession for years! Her reputation and accolades are stellar, to see this woman in action is truly inspiring. She is an "in the trenches" mentor, changing the lives of those who follow her. She is strong, intelligent, capable, highly skilled and heart forward. Those who have the opportunity to be mentored by her are fortunate indeed.”
Justin Prince, Network Marketing Leader and Success Trainer


"Not only does Brandy understand this business, but she knows how to teach it. Her coaching is on point and through her trainings, she helps you focus on the most important things that grow you and your business. This program is what you need to step up and into your power as a network marketing pro!"
Yasmin Pascua, Honolulu Hawaii, Network Marketing Leader, Founder of "Rock Your Social Online Business!



"Working with Brandy has been a game changer! I knew how to sell and I hit the top selling rank in my company BUT leadership and developing a team has been something that I have never really put my mind to, UNTIL NOW. After working with Brandy, I now know what it takes to build a team and am empowering others to step into their own power while I support them along the way! It's amazing!"Dixie Fails, Colorado Fitness Professional & Mentor






"'Working with Brandy has been amazing! She has opened me up to success that I could have never even imagined! She's smart, cutting edge and has pushed me to find my genius. I've now taken my business to another level and am coaching myself! I'm so excited about what the future has in store! Investing in a mentor is important!"
Paula W. , Santa Barbara CA, Jack Canfield Success Trainer


"Brandy's fun, she cares and she know's her stuff! As a doctor I am busy! I hd no idea how I would build  a business but I know the power of residual income. So I subscribed to Brandy's trainings on how to build a business from my platform online and I did it!!! I reached the #1 selling rank in my entire company and I did it without doing ONE meeting! Brandy's trainings helped me find my own personal genius and showed me how to do it on social media so I could still have the time to do all the other things in my life that are so important to me!Dr. Cindy Hall D.O, Glenwood Springs CO, Osteopathic Physician OBGYN




"Brandy worked with me at my pace! But the coolest thing is she understood my goals, so she created steps for me to follow that went right along with what I needed and wanted for myself, so before I knew it, I was doing what I never imagined I could. After working with Brandy, I made more in ONE MONTH in my Network Marketing business than I did in the ENTIRE previous year!Corrie O., Honolulu HI, Speech Pathologist