Don't be an Alien When Marketing on FB

So you're building your network marketing business and you're trying to build ONLINE.  You're excited, maybe a bit hesitant but you're ready to figure this stuff out! 

I'll tell you that prior to Network Marketing I was NOT on social medial AT ALL. I'm actually a very private person (you wouldn't know it right lol) and was very hesitant about getting on social media but I did it and I was introduced to a world that I never even knew existed...and it was AH-MAY-ZING!

FB was it's own planet and I was intrigued! The whole concept of social media just amazed me! Online communities of people who never even met each other, gathering together, "friend-ing," "liking," "posting," "commenting," and basically "living" online within each other, influencing each other... it was all so intriguing to me and I was determined to get it!

So I got on the platform and as quickly as I got on it, I got paralyzed! I SERIOUSLY had no idea what to post, how to interact, I felt like an alien. I have never been one needing "acceptance" but I will tell you that when I first got on FB I felt like I was awkwardly arriving late to a party by myself and didn't know what to do. 

Up to that point I wasn't really posting on my wall at all, I was mostly stalking profiles, "sharing" other peoples posts and if ever I posted, it would be a picture of something "artsy" that took me hours to take with some kinda phrase that I thought was cool but really meant nothing to anyone other than me. I was lost. 

But then something happened and this was the turning point...I joined a group. I joined a community on FB, a closed group that gathered Polynesians from around the world together to share love, thoughts, experiences etc. about our Polynesian culture, lifestyle and upbringing. It was a wonderful group and I became a real participating member of the group! I began engaging, making friends and truly connecting with people on FB and that's when it hit me. I wasn't getting engagement before because I wasn't being my authentic self.

You see, in this group I was being "authentically me," I didn't have to even think about who I wanted to be or who I thought I should be because I was just being ME! 

Prior to that, I was trying to be someone I thought I needed to be in order to build my business. Prior to that I didn't even understand the concept of being authentically me online on social media. I thought I was being authentic, I had a business and a product I wanted to promote and share and I was doing that, but I was NOT really sharing who I really was as a person so up to that point, no one was able to connect with me. 

After that, I got it! And the funny thing was, it was way easier than I thought. I just had to be ME! I needed to simply share things about me and the more I did that the more my "tribe" was attracted to me. So simple! 

If you're struggling to understand the concept of being authentically you and how to market on FB the right way, check out this video where Yasmin and I go through being authentically you and creating your online marketing platform for your network marketing business. 


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