Business Burnout?

What’s up rock stars! Hope you are all doing well! Now, let's talk about our number one enemy in the home-based business, BURNOUT! No matter what phase (top leader to just starting your business) you are in, we can all get burned out. And when this happens, YOU HAVE TO START FROM SCRATCH AGAIN, and no one likes doing that! So, let's talk about why, when we feel burned out, our business is the first thing that gets put on the back burner?!?! Find out how to reframe your mind for these types of situations in this video!

Let’s face it, LIFE HAPPENS! And when life happens, we tend to put our business on the back burner or put our business last. Here are the three things you can to do shift your mindset when you feel burned out!

1. You need to ask yourself what your business can do for you. Have a conversation with yourself on if your business can help you, are you willing to do what it takes, etc.

Whenever something happens in life like a dog dying, or renovating your house, or any kind of drama; we never say “Oh well, we need to renovate our house, so, I’m going to put my full-time job on the back burner.” Because we know what that job does for us; it supports our family, so there is no way we would do that.

It is the exact same concept with YOUR business! When you know what your business can do for you, it will be easier for you to make a decision on what to do when you feel burned out. You will be able to compromise based on knowing what your business does for you

2. It's not about balance, it's about PRIORITIES!

If we balance things, we would never get anything done! You cant put the same amount of time into playing with your dog as you do with your children because your children are your priority! So, you would ask yourselves things like, “How much time does my home based business warrant in my life?” IF you want your business to get you somewhere you have to put time into it, it has to become one of your priorities! Remember, if point number 1 (above) ask yourself what your business means or can do for you and then decide to make your business a priority or not.

3. Know the PLAN!

What do you need to do, RIGHT NOW, to get your business up and running!?!? Do you know what it takes for you to make a thousand dollars this month? If you do, that great! If you don’t then go and connect with someone that can help you with that!

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