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Aloha! I'm Brandy.

Born and raised an island girl, my "family first" upbringing has always driven me to work hard and help others. Being raised by a single mother of 5, I made a decision that I would never allow a lack of resources hold me back from creating a life for myself and my loved ones that I would feel proud of.

Early on, I began thinking outside the box. I was introduced to entrepreneurism and network marketing and I jumped in! Up's, down's, in's, out's and I finally "got it!" Preparation DID meet opportunity and I became the #1 income earner in my company! Then I moved to another company and did it again, top income earner and while also creating the highest income earners in the company in record-breaking time!

Truth Bomb Alert!

However, even with the amount of success that I achieved I still could not shake the handful of things that I didn't like about "the industry." The stigma that's connected to the "pushy business person," the LACK of training one gets when they begin their business, a business being based mostly on "recruiting, recruiting, recruiting." 

And in addition to that, there are the nights away from home doing home parties,  presentations, the constant phone calls and the fact that most people were not willing to do what I was. The "higher" I got in the business, the more apparent these issues were and finally I had to stop and reassess the situation. 

At the most successful point of my career, I began searching for a better way.

A Search for Better

E-commerce, social media platforms, the EXPLOSIVE growth of online shopping and online businesses that are all being built through internet marketing, affiliate programs and so on, has made this moment a HUGE OPPORTUNITY for anyone in Network Marketing who is willing to adjust with the market.

So I found the company that was not only willing but was leading the way! They confirmed everything I was feeling about where the industry is going and they are leading the way as industry disrupters! The model is DIFFERENT! It's FRESH! It's CONTEMPORARY and it's fits right in with the current online shopping economy and my ONLINE TEAM BRANDING AND MARKETING PROGRAM!

Find out more about joining my Network Marketing team and company!

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SheBoss Nation!!!

In our first 90 day testing period, She generated 100k worth of commissions with NO in home meetings, NO hotel presentations, NO coffee shop meet-ups and NONE of the infamous 3-way calls! Our team works WHERE and WHEN we want! We have a proprietary team training system that includes a whole online marketing funnel, landing pages, autoresponders, video campaigns and more.

Our turnkey system allows a newbie to plug in and get going! Team members get the online training they need to get up and running in 48 hours and in PROFIT soon after that! Join the winning team!

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